• BG-6240-CP
    ø20 x 4.2 cm
    Colour options
  • BG-6241-CP
    ø24 x 4.7 cm
    Colour options
  • BG-6242-CP
    ø28 x 5.2 cm
    Colour options
  • BG-6237-CP
    ø22 x 4.5 cm
    Colour options
  • BG-6238-CP
    ø26 x 5.0 cm
    Colour options

- Forged Aluminium
- 3-layer marble coating
- Stay cool silicone coated handle
- Bright metallic exterior
- Induction bottom

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  • Induction icon
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  • Vitroceramic icon
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FORGED ALUMINIUM FORGED ALUMINIUM Even heat distribution. Corrosion resistant

Forged Aluminium is unique in shaping a thick base, evenly enhancing heat distribution of the cookware with no hot spots.

MARBLE+ MARBLE+ Durable. Scratch resistant

Marble+ coating is an excellent non-stick layer with hardened performance. Cooking with the Marble+ coating is fun and easy, the excellent release capability will let you cook and clean efficiently.