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Captivating and mysterious, black is the evergreen synonym for style. We layer dark against dark with subtle metallics, marble textures and an interplay between matte and shiny, giving our products an interstellar look. Black was never so colourful.

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  1. Whitford FusionTi coating: takes a giant step forward in durability and resistance to abrasion
  2. Smart multifunctional cooker that cooks with a mild pressure, safe to be opened anytime during cooking
  3. Xylan® is the economical nonstick coating by whitford with an attractive, glossy finish
  4. Good-grip soft touch handle with non-stick coated Stainless Steel blades
  5. Marble+ Coating: an excellent non-stick with hardened performance
  6. Non-scratch nylon blades with 2 handle designs