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The essence of life

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Go back to the essence of things.

It is said that the essence of something is its basic or most important part or characteristic.

Essence returns to the origin of materials without compromising on beauty. It features cookware with unique handles, non-scratch kitchen tools, practical knives, and matching serving items.

A complete kitchen solution that focuses on what is really important.


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Essence image mini first
  1. Quantanium Coating outperforms conventional coatings on resistance, while Xylan Plus Coating is a multilayer non-stick
  2. Aroma lid enables slow addition of liquid or oils into the pot during cooking
  3. Full induction limitless bottom from edge to edge, suitable for all kind of hobs  
  4. Silicone on tools provides flexibility and facilitates the removal of food without scratching the pans
  5. Flat finish and silicone gasket keep lid fixed with a perfect fit 
  6. Stainless Steel blade with non-stick coating